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Technical Support F.A.Q.'s

What are the mail server names?
What's the news server's name?
What are my DNS numbers?
Why does it say my passwords wrong?
What are the minimum requirements?
It says there is no dialtone, what's the deal?
What is all this K56Flex, X2, and V.90 stuff?
How come I connect so slow?
Why do I get disconnected sometimes?
Why does it take so long at "verifying username and password"?
What's up when it says "No answer"?
How do I ... request my webspace/get a home page?
I need email help!
How do I check my KC Online/Hoosierlink email through Hotmail?

What are the Mail Servers, News Server, and DNS Numbers?

POP3 & SMTP Server: mail.kconline.com
NNTP (News) Server: news.kconline.com

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

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Password Errors

Dial-Up Connections:
  • Your username and password should both be in lowercase and without spaces.
  • Your account may have been suspended, contact customer service: 267-1480 or 888-399-7477 for more information.
  • Your email account name or password may have been entered incorrectly, make sure username and password should both be in lowercase and without spaces.
  • Where the program asks for account name, that is the same thing as your username, DO NOT put your email address in here.
  • Where it asks for the password, put in the assigned password, do not make up a new one.
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What are the minimum requirements?

If you are running a 386 computer with 8mb of RAM running Windows 3.x and a 14,400 baud modem, bluntly, your experience with the Internet will be a frustrating one.  We recommend a minimum of a Pentium 166 computer with at least 16MB of RAM, Windows 95, and a 56K V.90 modem.  The same holds true for Macintosh users. The newer the hardware and operating system, the better your experience on the Internet will be.
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What does K56Flex, X2, and V.90 mean?

K56Flex and x2 were two competing technologies used by modem manufacturers. This obviously presented a problem. V.90 is the official ITU international standard for "56K" analog modems. All modem makers now use this technology. If you have a Flex or x2 modem, you will need to visit the manufacturer's website to get the V.90 upgrade for your modem.
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Why don't I connect at 56K?

First off all you must have the latest software (driver) loaded for your modem. If you are running the latest driver, the quality of the phone lines is the only cause for slow connections. Since the Internet is our business, our modems are always current with the latest updates. To keep your connection speed up, you should do the same. As far as 56k modems go, right now NO ONE can connect higher than 53k (even with perfect phone lines) due to the FCC limiting the speed to 53k over regular land phone lines.
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Why is my computer telling me that there is no dialtone?

If you get this message, the problem is either your modem or the phone line. First make sure the phone jack is plugged in to the socket that says "line." If it still doesn't work, unplug the jack from the modem and plug in a phone - if you hear a dial tone, then your modem is most likely not functioning properly.
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Why do I get disconnected sometimes?

Chances are that your phone line may have static. If it does, a number of modems will "retrain" only 3 times before disconnecting. Call the phone company and ask them to check out your line because of static. They will not help you if you have a "computer problem." Phone companies normally only guarantee 9600 baud! We do NOT disconnect people from our service. With our 250 hour policy we would lose money by disconnecting users, so there is no point in doing that.
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Why does it take so long to verify the username and password?

Go to the My Computer icon, in there go into the Dial-Up Networking icon. In there you will find your KC Online icon, right-click on it and choose properties. Click "Server Types" and uncheck "Log on to Network." Click OK at the bottom.
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Why does it say "No answer"?

Check the phone number! Make sure you're not dialing the AREA CODE.
Make sure there's only ONE modem listed in the Modem section of your Control Panel.
If windows finds a "Standard Modem" you need the drivers for that specific modem brand instead. Standard Modem means that you have installed a GENERIC driver rather than the correct one that comes with your modem or computer. Re-install the modem drivers from the disk(s) that came with your modem.
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How do I setup a home page?

Visit the Helpdesk! You'll find what you need there.
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I need email help!

Incoming mail (also referred as POP or POP3) and Outgoing mail (also referred as SMTP) servers should both be set to mail.kconline.com
Visit the Software Guides section for more help with your individual software package.
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How do I check my KC Online/Hoosierlink Email through Hotmail?

Login to your hotmail account and click on the word "Options" on the left side of the screen. Next, click on "POP Mail" in the center of the screen. You'll see the setup for your 1st POP Account where you'll be prompted for "POP Server Name:" in which you'll want to put mail.kconline.com there. Next you'll see "POP User Name:" and you'll want to put your username in that box. The third box will ask you for "POP User Password:" which is where you'll need to enter you login password for your account. Leave the Server Timeout and Port Number settings at the default. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the OK button to save your settings.
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