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Getting Personal Webspace

Web space for your homepage is included with all KCOnline accounts. Personal accounts are allowed 5 MB of server space and are intended for non-commercial activities. If you are interested in a business web site, please contact customer service at (574) 269-9638 for more information.

Once created, you have full access to your web space. You can upload pages you have created and maintain the files in your directory using any FTP client (File Transfer Protocol), or via FrontPage, if you wish. Maintenance access to your site via both FTP and FrontPage is not possible, so you will need to choose one or the other in the form below.

Further instructions for accessing your site are sent via email once your web space has been created.

Normally, your web space directory name is based on your KC Online/Hoosierlink username and the URL would be in the following format:

http://users.kconline.com/username (FTP site)
http://frontpage.kconline.com/username (FrontPage site)

If you would like to have your web space created, please fill out the following form. Replies will only be sent to your HoosierLink / KC Online email address (In other words, requests submitted containing non-KCOnline email addresses *WILL BE IGNORED AND DELETED* -- you must include your KC Online account information!).
Requests usually take a minimum of 2 - 3 business days to complete. If after 3 business days you have not received a response please fill out this form again..

Your name:

Email address:

Please select if you need MS FrontPage extensions (any version):

Additional comments:

Please Enter The Numbers from the Box to the Right:

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