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Windows NT Settings

This is the step by step guide that will get you on the Internet with Windows NT.

1) In My Computer, double click on Dial-Up Networking.  You will see the window shown to the right.

2) Click on Install and it will then prompt you for your Windows NT CD.  It will copy some files to your computer which will take a few moments.  After it has finished you will need to install a modem.  Click on the Yes button.

3) Next you will then see the window to the right.  Click on the Next button until the modem wizard has finished detecting your modem.

Next we will need to set up Dial Up Networking.

1) Open My Computer and then double click on Dial-Up Networking.  When that opens, click on the New button as shown below.

2) This will take you to the next screen.

3) Fill in the name of the connection as KC Online as shown here. Then click on the Next button.

4) For the next step, you need to click the button that says "I am calling the Internet". Then click on the Next button when you have done this.

5) You will then need to tell it about the number you are calling. Place a checkmark in the box that says Use Telephony dialing properties. Then select the country code as USA. Then fill in the KC Online local number in your area along with area code (access number). Finally Click on the Next button.

6) Then you will want to click on the Finish button.

7) You should now be back in the main Dial-Up Networking window. Click on the More button and select Edit entries and modem properties.

8) You then will need to click on the Server tab. Make sure that it looks like the picture below.

9) Next click on TCP/IP Settings. In the box that appears we will need to select Specify name server addresses and fill in the following numbers.
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
When you have filled those in click on the OK button

10) Click on the Security tab, and then select the choice Accept any authentication including clear text. Then click on OK.These steps will allow you to get connect to KC Online. Click on the Dial button to connect to the Internet.


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